Zara Summer Catalog 2012

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Zara Summer Catalog 2012

Zara presents its catalog through the month of April a new collection for summer 2012, which appears more versatile than any fresh, very good bust load, elegance and the latest trends of the season. As may be seen through the photos in this post I left off, which radiate freshness, femininity and good taste.
As can be seen super-modern and feminine designs in warm colors or as pure white, also adorned with subtle details and delicate as we provide the soft and irresistible lace transparencies.

But undoubtedly the real star of the collection is white, which comes through countless items that delight us with their irresistible freshness, which are both joint integrity as well as in white combined with other garments in shades of white such as the belonging to the range or the bold pastel yellow and red.

Stressing mainly in pastel tones very soft pinks and peaches.
In addition the firm also flatters us with the delicate dresses and shirts in seductive Oriental patterns. Which also becomes the ideal choice for girls who enjoy dressing to faithfully follow fashion trends as much of that style stars of fashion 2012.

Those who search the collection also a more creative and personal pledge of modern fashion, perfectly eligible for the so-called peplum skirts are skirts that incorporate those flyers on top of them.

In contrast to the entire collection, which is seen very soft and minimalist, we can also find repeated proposals in tweed, which apparently refuses to leave the podium of fashion.