Summer fun! Holiday time ;)

Finally the winter seems to have come to an end... :) The heavy coats, the jackets, head caps, etc etc were all out. Now, I can go back to my usual look for daily wear and experiment with my dresses and outfits again. Doesn't that feel great! I'm sure most of you have been keen for the summer/sunny days to arrive like me...

So in the spirit of summer...I thought to feature one of my favorite summer wear looks I came across recently with photographer 'David Higgs' I would be at the beach so these looks are something to keep in mind eh? Which ones did you like girlies? 

F.E DiariesSo as a result, I'm headed on a holiday to 'Jeju Islands' in South Korea which is also named 'Island of Love' with my hubby.. Its considered to be a very romantic place so will share my experience once Im back :)