Summer Catalog Parfois 2012

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Summer Catalog Parfois 2012

Because it's no secret that one of the biggest weaknesses are feminine accessories, is that today we wanted to introduce this post through the new catalog for the 2012 summer season of one of the leading brands in this category, Parfois.
Within which we find all kinds of proposals versatile, modern and stylish in handbags, sunglasses, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, hats, belts, watches, scarves and sandals.

All of which ofrecérsenos well within the main parameters of fashion this season, we offered fresh and very bright shades, allowing us to add even more interest to the more sober ensembles that give life to our wardrobe.

Not to mention that thanks to the enormous variety that the company offers all we can find an accessory that is in accord with our personal taste and style. Becoming our best allies to avoid a dull and monotonous look, plus it allows us to look for other current and modern.

For more details of the collection and then invite them to see the pictures I leave you with the most significant proposals in this catalog for summer 2012.