Spring Summer Accessories 2012

Hot New Fashion Trends

Spring Summer Accessories 2012

These days, the long awaited and beautiful spring is approaching the northern hemisphere, and not come alone but accompanied by fashion trends that insurance does not want to miss. Want to see what Spring Summer accessories 2012 to keep in your closet? I thought I heard your answer was "yes" then come with me!

This season the accessories come with lots of color, in various styles, from glam punk with a touch of metallic details to tribal inspiration, and patterns, so that every woman can use every trend according to your tastes and personal style. Let's see what's coming :

2012 Fashion Accessories


Clutches of color

One trend that is revived in the spring summer season is the use of colors. What better than to combine hot days with a touch of color?

The handbags or clutches will come with lots of color. Instead of limiting yourself to the classic black and white, come to the clutches pink, red, blue, mint green, lavender and yellow.

Long earrings

I love long earrings! And this season itself to be used rather long, because the tendency is for them to touch each shoulder. Feathers, pearls, beads, stones, diamonds, all styles will be fashionable, so this is a must-have Accessories of spring 2012 for day to night.
Tribal Touches

Like tribal fashion ? If so, sure you've already used this trend in your shirts, as we have seen recently in iMujer. Well, now the proposal also is to include the young and trendy tribal style accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
Metallic touches

The metallic touches in clothing and accessories is another trend 2012 to which, no doubt, we must open the door. For example, did you see the beautiful metallic toe shoes are all the rage among fashionistas of the world? Another option is the clutches or belts with touches of silver.
Scarves with graphic prints

The printed graphics will come with everything for a fashion, handkerchiefs. This accessory is a must have spring for cover while still not warm enough.

We encourage you to give this special touch to your look using patterned scarves around the neck, in your head or even wrists.

Color Neon

We've told you a thousand times of neon and that certainly is one of the trends used in recent times. Just trying to incorporate neon or fluorescent colors-yellow, fuchsia, green or blue, for example, in your clothes and accessories. Without doubt, are perfect for spring.