Charlotte Pilcher : Glamour Factor

As the New Year passes by..I'm sure all you Fashionista's had a great time! I can imagine you with loved ones, sitting pretty, having a drink and having a few laughs..! Here are some stunning pictures of one of my fav supermodels 'Karlie Kloss', 

Also this collection of  photo editorial is by  Fashion Stylist Charlotte Pilcher, who I have so come to loveeee... The outfits and designs, I stumbled upon should surely get some nice ideas  for a 'fashionista's stylish' evening and take your love's breath away..Also, for you singletons out there, its time to wear your fancy shoes with those beautiful dresses and turn glamorous!

 I hope you enjoyed these divine looks ;) Do share what you think, as my readers matter the most to me! 

F.E Diaries: So recently Marta from 'Beauty and Nails' gave a Primo Blog award to my blog! I also need to share 7 things about me. Since I've already done that earlier and tagged my fav bloggers. So here I share...

7 Fun things I do!
1) Im a shopaholic! I can always make time to shop...!! 
2) I love reading spiritual/soul books. My fav authors are Gary Zukav, Louise L Hay and Dalai Lama to name a few..
3) My best friends are very precious and I have a few of them for over 10 years now! 
4) My dream is to have an influential fashion store across the globe!
5) I have the loudest laugh! :p
6) Maxi- dresses are my favorite outfit anytime (except when the weather doesn't allow it)
7) I sang on National television while I was in college :p